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Woman Shocked At Yankee Stadium

Woman Shocked At Yankee Stadium

As New York personal injury lawyer David Perecman sees it, electrocution victim Portia Walton was lucky.

Walton, 54, said she was “jolted” at a dining area in Yankee Stadium on April 4 after putting her foot on a metal hatch that had an electrical power cord sticking out of it. The cord was being used to power lights in a nearby tent. Walton described feeling electricity and hearing crackling like an electric transformer. The next thing she remembered, Stadium guards were rushing to her aid.

The accident caused Walton to be hospitalized, according to the New York Post.

“She was lucky she didn’t die. A stray electrical shock can result in a deadly accident,” explained Perecman.

In 2004, Jodie Lane was electrocuted on a wet New York City street after stepping on an electrified metal plate on E. 11th Street in Manhattan. Con Edison, which was responsible for the electric shock that killed her, agreed to pay her family more than $6.2 million.

Con Edison admitted responsibility for Lane’s electrocution after a safety review of the accident determined that workers had improperly insulated a wire inside a utility box.

New York City has thousands of miles of underground electrical cable and, on occasion, electrical current can flow to exposed metal objects such as manhole covers and light poles. Consequently, these metal elements can become potentially lethal. In addition to death, person can experience muscle, nerve, and tissue damage; thermal burns; and other injuries.

Construction workers are often at risk for electric shock accidents at construction sites as well, said Perecman.

“All employees working with electricity need to be trained to be aware of the potential dangers of electrical risks, in addition to being trained in all aspects of safety, maintenance, and operating procedures in New York,” personal injury lawyer Perecman said.

A day after the personal injury accident, New Yorker Walton said, she was still suffering from headaches, memory loss, tingling and post- traumatic stress disorder.

Walton should consult with a New York personal injury lawyer, said Perecman. This type of New York personal injury case is often complex. Dangerous situations involving electrical current in New York can occur due to improperly wired devices, but also because of damaged, deteriorated or vandalized equipment. Personal injury accidents involving electricity can also involve negligent conduct or a defective product.

The personal injury attorneys at The Perecman Firm investigate all factors that may result in the shock or electrocution of a victim of stray electric shock.


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