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Incorrect Prescription Probable Cause of Death Of 12-Year-Old

Incorrect Prescription Probable Cause of Death Of 12-Year-Old

A New York family alleges that a doctor who filled a prescription incorrectly is to blame for their 12-year-old child’s death, as is the pharmacy which did not catch the doctor’s error.

Allegations of a tragic accidental drug overdose involving prescription drugs are being investigated by David Perecman.

According to the New York Post, a 12-year-old Queens boy died as a result of drug mistakes made by his doctor and a Walgreens pharmacy. His family claims the doctor wrote the wrong prescription and the pharmacy that filled it didn’t catch the drug overdose mistake.

A medical malpractice lawsuit was filed by the mother of the boy, Phillipe Galette. The suit alleges a series of missteps allowed the overdose to occur, ending the child’s life. Specifically, the family claims that a doctor incorrectly prescribed medication, writing the boy two prescriptions for the same drug, Bupropion, at two different strengths. On top of that, the Walgreens pharmacy that filled both prescriptions did not question whether they were correct.

The family then followed the dosages on each bottle. The drug error led to complications, and the child died of a prescription drug overdose.

As reported by the New York Post, Galette suffered from depression, mood swings and aggressive behavior. He was treated by Dr. Marie Gisele St. Felix at the Queens Children’s Psychiatric Center from May 2009 until his death April 2, 2010.

According to the lawsuit, the mistake was “obvious”.

“Prescription medicine provides critical health benefits to millions of people, but prescriptions must be written and filled correctly. When a prescription is incorrectly prescribed by the doctor or dispensed incorrectly and a patient receives the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage, the results can be deadly,” said Perecman.

Research accessible to New York medical malpractice lawyers has indicated that up to 10% of prescriptions are filled in error.

“When there is a real error and injury, like the tragic death of a preteen, doctors and pharmacists should be held liable for their mistakes,” New York medical malpractice lawyer Perecman said.

Individuals who have sustained a serious injury or lost a loved one because of medical negligence in New York are entitled to seek compensation for damages and suffering. Contact our medical malpractice lawyers at The Perecman Firm today!

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