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New Research Shows That Even As New York Medical Malpractice Awards Fall, Malpractice Insurance Rates Still Rise

New Research Shows That Even As New York Medical Malpractice Awards Fall, Malpractice Insurance Rates Still Rise

The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) has just published a new report that will validate what many New York medical malpractice lawyers already suspected: The rising price of medical malpractice insurance has no correlation to any similar rise in medical malpractice claims.

City Room published an overview of the report late last week which showed that even as the price doctors paid for medical malpractice insurance rose the actual payments for medical malpractice claims declined from $822.7 million to $743.5 million over a two-year period. According to the study, in previous years payments on medical malpractice claims have increased though these increases were small and generally just kept pace with inflation.

The actual number of claims has held “remarkably stable.”

NYPIRG’s research poses a serious challenge to the various health care groups which have advocated for tort reform on the grounds that medical malpractice claims and payments are out of control and hurting the doctors who must pay inflated rates for medical malpractice insurance. These groups claim New York medical malpractice lawyers bring thousands of frivolous suits against doctors, winning outsize awards for the smallest cases.

Just about any New York medical malpractice attorney will notice a few inaccuracies in this depiction of the New York medical malpractice scene. As the New York State Trial Lawyers Association points out, New York has some of the worst medical malpractice laws for patients who have been victims of medical malpractice.

The fantasy that some health care providers espouse of New York medical malpractice lawyers running amok in a broken system is just that: a fantasy. It is nothing more than a cruel joke that lobbyists would use to further eviscerate the laws that protect patients’ rights. The NYPIRG research goes a long way toward revealing these myths for what they really are.

[ City Room]

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