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Taser Leads To Man's Accidental Death, Stronger Laws On Police Carrying Tasers Are Needed

Taser Leads To Man's Accidental Death, Stronger Laws On Police Carrying Tasers Are Needed

Taser Leads to Man’s Accidental Death, Stronger Laws on Police Carrying Tasers are Needed David Perecman, New York accident lawyer, comments on police tasers and the controversial accidental death of Brooklyn resident, Inman Morales.

David Perecman, New York accident lawyer, is speaking out about policemen carrying Tasers. Stronger laws should be in place to protect the public. On Wednesday, police were called on scene where Inman Morales of Brooklyn was on a building ledge, naked and yelling at passers-by while swinging a light bulb tube. His mother and police were unable to calm him.

A police officer shot him with a taser and Morales fell off the building. After the 10 foot fall, Morales was taken to Kings County Hospital where he died from head trauma. This tragic accidental death is only the latest incident surrounding the New York Police Department carrying Tasers. “His mother called 911,” said Sharonnie Perry, a community advocate who was quoted in a New York Times article covering the accidental death.

“She called for assistance and the assistance she got was her son being killed.” In July 2008, David Perecman urged New York City to put laws on carrying Tasers in place to reduce the chance of police brutality. “This accidental death may instill fear in many people’s eyes against police departments and influence their decisions on calling 9-1-1 for help,” said David Perecman, New York accident lawyer.

“New York City should be stricter on their laws on carrying Tasers and monitor the policemen that are using them.” “Don’t get me wrong, Police need to do their jobs and should have whatever they need to do it effectively, but with the least chance that innocent people will be hurt and that even the potentially guilty will be treated in accordance with the Constitution of the United States.”

Over the past year, police tasers have become very popular within many departments around the country as an alternative for officers to use as a less powerful weapon choice than guns. Christopher T. Dunn, the associate legal director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, was noted in another New York Times article that there’s a concern that police officers may use Tasers in situations where they traditionally had used much less force, and whether civilians will be unnecessarily and more frequently subjected to their use.

Recently, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said he was open to broadening the use of the weapons after a city-commissioned study on police shooting habits urged the department to consider using Tasers more frequently instead of deadly force when applicable. “In response to this accidental death, New York City will have to look into the use of tasers and perhaps exercise more caution in implementing the practice of police carrying Tasers, especially until stronger laws are in place to protect the public,” states David Perecman.


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