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New York Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Work-Related Cold Injuries Following Worker’s Fall Through Ice

A Recreation Department tractor clearing snow from a reservoir broke through the ice and crashed into the water in Tarrytown, New York.  The driver escaped the sinking vehicle before it went completely under.  He was taken to the hospital with symptoms of hypothermia, reported ABC News (1.24.14). Personal injury lawyer David Perecman, founder of The Perecman Firm, said it was fortunate that the worker at the Tarrytown Reservoir was rescued so quickly.

Hypothermia, or abnormally low body temperature, is a condition in which a person’s body loses heat more quickly than it can produce it.  When this happens, the core body temperature falls.  Cold weather, wet conditions, and being under cold water for too long can all result in hypothermia.

Even when temperatures drop, workers continue to do their jobs outside, if they need to. From construction workers and postal workers to firefighters and geologists, many workers in New York are frequently exposed to extremely cold temperatures while on-the-job. These workers, who spend a significant amount of time out in the cold weather, are at risk of experiencing hypothermia, frostbite, chilblain, or other cold weather-related injuries.

“Workers, or anyone else, engaging in outdoor activities in winter, should keep in mind that hypothermia is one of the top causes of outdoor fatalities,” said Perecman.

Personal injury lawyers at The Perecman Firm understand that all employers have a responsibility to protect their employees from injuries at work, including cold injury. Workers should learn the signs of cold-related injuries before any problems start. It is important that workers monitor their own physical condition and that of their coworkers.

New York personal injury lawyers at The Perecman Firm have helped many workers obtain compensation following accidents on-the-job.  Contact The Perecman Firm at 212-977-7033.

The ABC News article cited is “Tarrytown worker hurt when plow crashes through ice.”

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